TV Review – PARANORMAL WITNESS – Man in the Attic

Finally!  I have a show to replace my beloved A HAUNTING from the Discovery channel.  No really, this is very good stuff, I promise!  Read on kids…

I could slap myself for missing the first season of this.  Perhaps I was just jaded from the plethora of ghost story shows out there.  What sets this show apart is the reenactments, they treat it like they are making a mini horror film, complete with creepy music and BOO! Scares.  Not to mention the actual footage from the case.  You get to see photos, videos and audio from when the haunting actually happened.  This show is at the top of my heap and I will be watching all season.

This episode begins with Jackie, a newly single mother of a 2 year old son and pregnant with a daughter.  She moves into a small house and she begins hearing a noise like someone is dropping marbles from behind the wall.  Most of the activity seems to be emanating from the attic.  As things get even creepier she has friends stay over and she employs a babysitter to watch her son while she works.  Both her friends and the babysitter also experience things of a paranormal nature.  The sitter is with Jackie when they both see glowing orbs floating in the kitchen.  They decide to make a Kodak moment and take pics.  We get to see the actual photos.  Suddenly the camera stops working so the sitter points the camera at the window, when the flash goes off she sees the face of an emaciated old man.  She drops the Polaroid and needless to say, looks for other babysitting jobs.

"Say cheese you paranormal bastard!"

At Jackie’s request her ex-husband comes over for a visit and as in most ghost tales, he is a non-believer in all things ghosty.  He actually calls out the spirit and taunts it to show himself.  Unfortunately nothing happens and he leaves thinking Jackie is a wacko.  After his departure Jackie opens a closet and see’s her ex’s name, Al, written hundreds of times inside it.

Her friend asks if she can send some priests over, and Jackie allows it.  Normally the presence of priests would be a comfort, but Jackie senses that something isn’t quite right with them.  They survey the house, commenting upon horror movies they find.  To my amazement, and I’m sure Jackie’s they comment on an innocent pirate’s chest in a fish tank because there is a little skull mixed in with the “gold”.

The priests leave, not even blessing the house, and put Jackie through another kind of hell.  Child Protective Services.  They tell CPS that they believe Jackie is taking drugs and hallucinating.  Things are getting worse.  She looks at her fridge one day and sees the magnetized alphabet has spelled out a message for her.  (Side note – I will never buy those damn things!)  The message says, “Get the hell out.”  That night she sees the old man ghost sitting on the edge of her son’s bed and while she does the dishes blood drips from the cabinets.  This finally pushes her to call a paranormal investigative team.  She is still wary, seeing how well her experience with the priests worked out.

Ex-husband Al comes to watch their son and newborn daughter when the team arrives.  They interview Jackie and then decide to check the attic.  A skeptical team member gets his comeuppance when he ascends the ladder into the trap door that leads to the infamous attic.  His camera is ripped from his hands and he climbs down the ladder with a blood drained face.  Skeptic eh?  Not anymore.  Yet he and the team leader head back up to get the expensive equipment, which they find in a small basket in a corner of the attic.  The camera lens is positioned behind the trap door.  As they descend the ladder we get to see video footage.  Jackie is on the ladder too, there is nothing to see but you can distinctly hear footsteps even though everyone has gotten the hell out of the attic. While all these shenanigans are going on good old Al is resting in the kids room.  He hears a voice whisper in his non-believer ears.  The voice says, “Tell them to get the hell out!”

"I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!"

And get the hell out they did, to Jackie’s dismay.  They tell her not to worry and that they are going to review the footage they recorded.  Easy for them to say.  On her last night in the house she decides to rest her eyes for a minute, when she opens them the old man is on top of her holding her down.  She is unable to move or breathe.  Her mind breaks and she grabs a bat and heads for the attic.  Yes I’m serious.  She enters the attic and sees the old man again and falls through the trap door.  Then she finally gets free and grabs the children and the cordless phone and runs outside.

The investigators return to help her.  Guess where they go first?  That’s right kids, the damn attic again!  The skeptic that had his camera yanked from his hands and another crew member head back up the ol’ ladder.  The rest of the crew and Jackie look up in anticipation.  They hear a strange noise like someone snapping their fingers, it happens three times.  Jackie freaks and pleads with the men to get out of the attic immediately.  One man peeks his head out of the trap door, the camera man behind him is suddenly pulled backward forcefully.  The attic is pitch black now.  The remaining crew member uses the flash of his camera to find his friend.  We get to see the creepy photo he takes.  The cameraman is hanging at an odd angle in the rafters.  He manages to say, “I have something on my neck.”  He has a cord wrapped around his neck.  After they help him down, he has no recollection of what has happened to him.

You couldn't get me to go up there for a million dollars...well maybe you could, but I'd be wearing Depends!

Jackie and the crew leave, and Jackie never goes back to the house.  We learn that several families have moved in since her departure, but many only stay for a few months.  If I can find one fault with this pretty awesome show, it would be that we don’t discover the source of the haunting.  Who the hell is this creepy old man, and how the hell do we get him out?!  All I know is I’m terrified of attics and crawl spaces and this show does not help.  I highly recommend this program and you can catch it on Syfy Wednesday nights.  The first season is available On Demand.  Thanks for reading!  Please let me know what you think of the show!

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  5 comments for “TV Review – PARANORMAL WITNESS – Man in the Attic

  1. Jojo
    August 15, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    OK I wasn’t afraid of my crawl space until now. Great review. I truly want to watch this !great job.

  2. Tana
    August 18, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Scared the crap out of me! Really good one

  3. July 25, 2013 at 5:17 AM

    Search the internet and do some research on this case.

    The stuff they covered on that episode didn’t cover half of the stuff that went on with Jackie and the San Pedro haunting.

    They said she no longer experiences paranormal activity NOW, but the ghost DID follow her and the other members of the research team out of the house, and more disturbing events went on for awhile.

    Look it up!! There’s a lot more to this story!

    • July 26, 2013 at 2:27 AM

      I’ll have to do that thanks! Just put up a new recap of last night’s episode. Thanks for reading!

  4. pamela
    April 8, 2015 at 9:08 AM

    I don’t get it u paranormal investigators go in rile up the spirits then leave don’t help don’t do nothing, then the people living in the house return to hellhouse. Worst than it was before the investigators got there. Ghost hunters ghost adventures ghost asylum all u all start helping the people don’t just make it worse going in there screaming & yelling. Take lessons from Amy Allen. Start helping these people u IDIOTS

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