Truly Disturbing Headline: Spider gets cozy inside a womans ear for over five days

Here at TD, we talk about all forms of disturbing things. This story comes close to being the most disturbing I personally have read. Check out what we mean below.

As per the Daily Mail:

We’ve all heard the one about people eating a spider while they sleep or creepy-crawlies going somewhere they shouldn’t while we snooze – but for one poor woman the urban legend has come true. She arrived at China’s Changsha Central Hospital with an itchy ear, only to learn the cause was a spider that had crawled into the ear canal. To make things worse, doctors believe the arachnid had been in there for five days.

At first the medics planned to use tweezers to grab the spider and pull it out – but they were worried the creature might bite the patient. Instead, Dr Liu Sheng and his colleagues poured a saline solution into the ear and waited for the spider to leave on its own.

Here is a bigger version of the photo the doctors took. Here’s lookin at you kid.


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