Who will win at this years FRIGHT METER AWARDS?

Never heard of the Fright Meter Awards? Well you are in luck since we have the goods on exactly what they are and how you can give your two cents on who the winners will be. Read on for the details.

Troy Escamilla is the founder of the Fright Meter Awards and he ultimately wants them to be the horror genre’s version of the Oscars.

“The Fright Meter Awards are something I have been passionately developing since 2007,” Escamilla said. “They started out as part of my blog, but I’ve always had the intention of focusing solely on the awards aspect and cultivating them into the most recognized and prestigious awards given to the horror genre.”

The Fright Meter Awards are presented annually by the Fright Meter Awards Organization, an organization dedicated solely to honoring and recognizing excellence within the horror genre. The nominations and winners are determined by members of the Fright Meter Awards Organization.

How can you not love that spirit?

For more visit the official Fright Meter Awards website, “like” Fright Meter Awards on Facebook and follow Fright Meter Awards on Twitter (@frightmeter).


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