Jigsaw To Return…In Remake?

Oh say it’s not true!  We first bought you information about a potential eighth instalment of the SAW franchise, and now it looks like Lionsgate are going to be remaking the original movie.  Read on for the details.

When the last SAW movie was released, we all knew that it wasn’t going to be end.  Sure enough, last year we reported a rumbling in the ranks at Lionsgate to indicate that a new SAW movie was emerging.

Now it would seem that the people over at Lionsgate are tinkering with the idea of remaking SAW in hopes of rebooting the franchise, although an eighth instalment isn’t completely off the table just yet.

But didn’t it only come out in 2003?  How much rebooting does it need?

Things are still at the infant stage at this time, but rest assured Jigsaw will return.

So, the only question that remains is what do you want?  A remake/reboot?  Another sequel?  Or should well enough just be left alone?

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