Dish Network chairman has a few choice words for AMC and THE WALKING DEAD

Let the mud slinging begin! Last round went to AMC for sending hordes of zombies to Dish Networks headquarters in New York City. Today is round two and it is Dish Networks turn. Read on for the play by play.


Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen warned analysts in a conference call today that his company will lose some customers — or have trouble attracting new ones — since it AMC,IFC,WeTV,Sundance in late June. But he says the decision was a “no-brainer” that will pay off for Dish in the long run. “Our customers are not looking at zombies in New York City”, he said referring to AMC’s hit The Walking Dead. “They live on farms and ranches”. Ergen added that he might have renewed AMC, but bucked at the company’s requirement that Dish also carry the other networks. “There hasn’t been a time when anyone in our family has watched one second of those channels”. He was also dismissive of AMC which has acclaimed series including Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

“They’re critically acclaimed but not viewed as much by our audience”, he says. “And our customers can go to iTunes and get Mad Men the same time it’s on. We could pay the entire iTunes bill and it would be cheaper” than carrying the AMC Networks channels. Indeed, Ergen says that by not carrying the AMC channels Dish will be “several dollars cheaper than our competition that’s carrying those channels”.

Ooooooh snap son! This is heating up.

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