Is the HELLRAISER remake still a possibility? New concept art surfaces

The Hellraiser remake has been in film limbo for awhile and now some additional concept art has been revealed. Read on for the details.


Our friends over at have the skinny on what is going on with Dimension films and the possible remake of Clive Barker’s classic tale of lust and pleasure, Hellraiser.

Last fall Shock brought us the news of a remake from Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Then nothing happened for awhile. After these images were released a few more sprang up months later. This time from Alex Tuis.  Now, more artists are unleashing their Hellraiser-themed pieces onto the Internet, including Paul Gerrard (Battle: Los Angeles).

Where the previously released concept designs revealed “what could have been” – as they were connect to pitches that Dimension ultimately did not roll with – Gerrard’s art gives us a peek at “what could be.”  You see, he aligned himself with filmmaker Mike Le Han to cook up a teaser trailer they will submit to Dimension Films in an effort to score the Hellraiser remake gig.  Whether they get the job or not remains to be seen.

Read more about their endeavor right here.

Currently, the Hellraiser remake is in a sort of development limbo.  The Weinsteins are fielding pitches, looking for the right approach.

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