GRIMMFEST 2012: Fourth film premier announced

News for this years Grimmfest is heating up! Now we have news of a fourth film premier and this one is a bit…colder than the others. Read on to find out what we mean.

Straight from the horses mouth we bring you the news people. So here it is!


We are proud to host the English premiere of BELOW ZERO. A movie you may not of heard much about, but you will do soon!

Pitched somewhere between TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and ADAPTATION, with a heavy dose of FARGO in the use of location and performances, this movie plays facinating games with appearance and reality. It’s as much a study in psychology as it is of extreme horror. Beautifully shot and nicely acted by Edward Furlong, BELOW ZERO also brings Horror icon Michael Berryman THE HILL HAVE EYES) back to our screens in one of his most interesting performances.

A failing screenwriter attempts to overcome writer’s block by having himself shut away in a meat locker for a week. As he starts to write, the boundaries between reality and imagination become increasingly blurry and the consequences ever more horrific.

We’re also very please that writer/producers Signe Olynyk and Bob Schultz will be joining us from the States for this special screening and, you never know, if were lucky, members of the cast might just join us too!

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