MARS ATTACKS this October with a fifty year anniversary book

We ain’t talking about the Tim Burton flick here folks. This is the real deal and we have all the info about the invasion happening in October.

The book will be the first ever hard cover collection of the art from the original card set released in the 60’s.

Originally a series of science-fiction trading cards produced in 1962 by The Topps Company, the controversial cards were thought too graphic by the general public but were loved by the series’ devoted followers and were later used as inspiration for the 1996 Tim Burton movie of the same name. Depicting the gruesome invasion of Earth by Martians, the story unfolds over the course of the fifty-five cards, showing futuristic battle scenes with Martians and their cruel, often bizarre methods of attack and torture.

Mars Attacks fans will gush over the rare and never-before-seen material (sketches, concept art, test materials) as well as a chance to see the full set of hard-to-find 1994 sequel cards.

The book also features an introduction by the series’ co-creator Len Brown and an afterword by Zina Saunders, daughter of the series’ original artist, Norm Saunders. Now that makes us sing ACK ACK ACK!

Look for it on October 1st.


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