A brief bit of news regarding JURASSIC PARK 4 from producer Frank Marshall

There has been a lot of speculation where the next installment of Jurassic Park would go. Will it be a direct sequel, a prequel, or a film all its own? Frank Marshall had very little to say about these ideas but did give us some hope. Read on for the details.


The folks over at Vulture caught up with the dino producer. When pressed for details and asked if Jurassic Park 4 would be a reboot or a new tale set within the world of the first three films, Marshall told Vulture: “Don’t know yet, but it’s definitely in the Jurassic ballpark. It’s on the front burner.”

I doubt, very highly, that Marshall has no idea where the film will go. The point is that we do not want a “Jurassic ballpark” film. We want dinosaurs terrorizing humans and a very interesting and compelling story. Am I right people?

Hopefully we will get more news.

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