Can you survive A NIGHT IN THE WOODS?

May seem like a dumb question but it actually makes us think. Could YOU, yes you dear reader survive alone and with barely any supplies out in the deep dark woods alone? Well if the answer is no, fear not! There is a film of the same name and we have the trailer for ya! Dig it!


The film will be released in the UK on September 7th and stars Scoot McNairy(Monsters) and Anna Skellern.

Documentarian filmmaker Richard Parry (South West 9) is in the director’s chair and it appears he may be at home with this film which is of the found footage variety.

Synopsis: On what is intended to be a fun camping trip to investigate and to chill in the atmosphere of the legendary haunted past of Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Woods, Brody, his girlfriend Kerry and her cousin Leo very soon find themselves mysteriously ill at ease both with their surroundings and their companions. Bad moods and minor disagreements rapidly lead to feelings of severe paranoia, sexual tension, fear and, eventually, violence between the three friends, a situation that worsens as the evening draws in. At first, they suspect the conflicts are simply the result of being thrown together in the ancient, eerie surroundings, but as night closes upon them each begins to wonder if darker forces are at work.

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