Creative director John Murdy gives some more info about what to expect at this years HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS

John Murdy is the main man behind everything that scares you during Universal Studios Hollywood’s annual Halloween Horror Nights event. Now Mr. Murdy has given some more detail to the three mazes announced last week. Read on for the info and we hope top see ya there!.


Here’s how Murdy kicked things off with a bang:

– Time for some Saturday afternoon HHN 2012 trivia, let’s start with the most recent announcement Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D…
– When I first starting working with Alice, came up with a trilogy of maze concepts, each one was progressively more complex/ambitious…
– Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D is #2, no idea if we’ll ever get to #3…only time will tell. There’s some very large scenes in Goes to Hell…
– One scene in the maze was so big, I had to remove an entire wall in the T2 queue to fit it in. Other scene is shaped like a hexagon
– There will be some inside jokes that reference the lyrics to “Go To Hell” inside the maze, you’ll have to find them…
– I wrote a script for Alice this year which he was kind enough to record for me, got a little something special planned for the facade
– If you look at our website, you see a reference to the 7 Deadly Sins. That comes from Dante’s Inferno, doing our own Alice spin on that
– The soundtrack for the maze won’t be all the hit songs, not scary. Using his music to create a horror movie style soundtrack…
– Here’s some of the Alice albums I’m using music from, Pretties For You, Killer, Billion Dollar Babies, Goes To Hell, Lace and Whiskey
– Da Da, Hey Stoopid, Brutal Planet, DragonTown, Eyes of Alice Cooper…a variety of music from various stages in his career…

Then he switched gears a bit:

– Now a little trivia on Silent Hill….this maze will feature elements from the games and the films. Pretty much using the whole property.
– Just started working on the audio from Silent Hill, have the entire new film to work with plus tons of stuff from the games.
– We put together a music bed track for the maze that’s over an hour long so you’ll hear different tracks when you go through it
– When you’re working with a property like Silent Hill, there’s so many choices…but some things you have to include. Pyramid Head!
– He’s an insane character, incredibly hard to pull off but you want to see him in the flesh, not a static dummy. You’ll meet him!
– And of course there’s the Nurses, you have to have them…you’ll encounter them too…and some treats for the fans of the game!
– The audio of Silent Hill is a huge element of the game. Spending a lot of time in the studio creating the soundtrack, lots of game elements
– The Silent Hill monsters are crazy, some are impossible to pull off with actors…but we’re gonna try. Total science project!

Want even more? How about some zombies?

– And finally a few words about Walking Dead. The faced is insane! You’ll see lots of scenes inspired by season 1 and 2.
– Meant to type “facade” silly spell check! For WD, it’s as if you are one of the survivors…and the walkers are coming for YOU

Keep your eyes on the official Halloween Horror Nights website for more info and ticket availability (they’re already on sale for Orlando).

Official Word on Silent Hill Invading Halloween Horror Nights

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