Yes, you read that correctly. Michael Myers looks like he might be making a statement in the gaming world yet again. Read on for the rumored details.

Here at Truly Disturbing, we all love the movie Halloween.  From the menacing score to the iconic madman in a mask, there’s just something about that film that everyone loves.

In 1983, Wizard Video released a Halloween game for the Atari. The graphics are, well, disturbing blobs and despite being called Halloween, it makes no mention of the film’s characters. You were just a babysitter protecting a large family of children from an insane madman with what appears to be a knife.

Now it looks like Michael Myers is about to strike again. A petition has started online to recreate a Halloween video game to release on XBox (and for my gaming sake, I hope Wii will soon follow).

The petition is also aiming to have stars of the Halloween movies loan their voices for particular characters. Familiar names such as Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd – Halloween 4 & 5, Annie Bracket – Halloween remake and Halloween II), P.J. Soles (Linda, Halloween 1978), Ellie Cornell (Rachel – Halloween 4 & 5) and the late Donald Pleasence (Dr. Sam Loomis Halloween 1978 – Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers) have been thrown into the mix as well remake star Scout Taylor-Compton.

So the question remains, what storyline will this rumored game follow? Will it move in the way of the original movie, or take a Rob Zombie approach? Will the playable character be Michael Myers, or will it be one of his intended victims?

To sign the petition to hopefully see this game come to life, click this link

Maybe sometime soon we can all bring the pure evil of Michael Myers home.

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