Check out the official box art for DETENTION coming home on DVD and Blu-Ray July 31st

Detention always sucked. Ya sit there and are bored outta your mind! But the movie Detention is something completely different. Check out the official synopsis and box art below.


Can Dane Cook act in a horror movie? He kills audiences with his comedy but can he slay the horror community? Only one way to find out.
Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook and Spencer Locke star in Detention, a hipster, teen horror-comedy where the local students of Grizzly Lake must survive their final year of high school. Standing in their way is Cinderhella, a slasher-movie killer who has seemingly come to life and is preying on the school’s student body. As the clock ticks and the bodies pile up, the likely suspects are embroiled in a race against time to stop Cinderhella and ultimately save the world… if only they can get out of detention.
Special Features:
-Screen Tests Shanley Caswell and Yves Bright
-Screen Tests Shanley Caswell
-Screen Tests Shanley Caswell and Aaron David Johnson
-Fight Rehersal
-Riffing with Dane


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