Comics: Retro-Outlaw has such sights to show you with their variant cover for HELLRAISER issue #19

Our friends over at Retro-Outlaw Studios sent us word a few days ago that they would be doing the artwork for Boom! Studios ongoing Hellraiser series. Now we have the official word on the comic, read it below.

Mind you, this is not the final art but hot damn does it look impressive! Great job Retro-Outlaw and Boom! Studios. If you are not reading this comic you have something seriously wrong with you.

This is an advanced preview of the cover for issue #19. It won’t be hitting shelves till October folks so save that change ya got floating around in your pockets!

Written by Clive Barker, Mark Miller
Drawn by Janusz Ordon, Jesus Hervas, Jorge Lucas
SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99

Every plan, every option, every Hail Mary pass against Elliott Spencer and his nation-state has failed. His power grows; cynicism and despair flow across the globe like the electricity through Spencer’s veins. Kirsty Cotton’s descent into Leviathan continues, as she decides, once and for all, if she is beyond redemption.

Check out even more bad ass designs from Retro-Outlaw by clicking here.

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