Check out the brand new sales art for PONTYPOOL: CHANGES

Pontypool was a film that slipped under many people’s radar. We here at TD love  the flick for its take on the zombie genre. Now we get a look at some early sales art for the sequel. Read on for details.

Check it out below courtesy of Twitch.

Acclaimed director Bruce McDonald returns to the director’s chair with Pontypool Changes, a sequel to his highly anticipated psychological thriller Pontypool. Producer Jeffrey Coghlan confirmed rumors in Cannes today that the Pontypool sequel is scheduled to lens in early 2010, reuniting McDonald with Pontypool screenwriter Tony Burgess, who adapted the original from his book ‘Pontypool Changes Everything’.

Pontypool, named after the small town in which it’s set, features veteran character actor Stephen McHattie (Watchmen, 300, A History of Violence) as a cantankerous radio DJ trapped within the station’s walls as a deadly virus consumes the town, turning its citizens into cannibalistic zombie-like creatures. IFC In Theatres releases the film May 29th on its VOD platform, which reaches more than 50 million homes in the US. The early demand surprised Coghlan, who said, ‘Fan and distributor reactions have been overwhelming, and the script for the sequel takes a whole new side to the story and really opens it up for more action, and more scares. It’s brilliant.’

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