TV to try this week: HAUNTED COLLECTOR on Syfy!

You know that collection of dolls at Grandma’s house?  Or those skeleton keys you found in a crawl space?  This is the show for you if you think you have a haunted object in your house.

Yet another show about hauntings, but this one comes with a twist.  What if you were seeing ghosts or hearing noises not because your house is haunted but because some object inside the house is.  It sure as hell is cheaper than to remove an object than to move out of your house, right?  The premise is a team of investigators lead by John Zaffis.  They hear the tenants story and go right into ghost hunting mode by trying to debunk as much as possible.

After getting things out of the way, like EMF readings from fuse boxes and the like, the real investigation begins.  While the basic idea is somewhat different, the equipment and techniques are not.  They do EVP readings and have night vision equipment.  Once they are finished investigating, they inform the owners and ask if they want the haunted item removed, if there even is one.  If the answer is yes, John takes it to his personal collection and binds the object, usually with sea salt, so it can’t bother anyone anymore.

Do I like this show?  It is somewhat interesting.  I remember John Zaffis from the Discovery channel’s A Haunting in Connecticut.  The team he brings with him, including his own son and daughter, are no nonsense and are just as interested in disproving something as they are in proving it.  During the show when certain objects are found, fun facts come up about them on the bottom of the screen.  They also do a small update on the owners after the object is removed.

Lastly, this is a fun way to kill an hour, but it got me thinking…are they really removing haunted items, or are they really antique dealers looking to screw people out of valuable items?  My guess is the former, but maybe I should start a branch of this business.  “Oh my god lady!  That antique diamond necklace is of the devil!  It must be removed immediately!”  Hee hee.  So check this one out kids and let me know what you think.  HAUNTED COLLECTOR airs on the Syfy channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8 central.  You can also check out the first 6 episodes On Demand.

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