They’ve got spirits yes they do!  They’ve got spirits…but will you watch it too?

Well well well…yet another show about ghosties.  There are more shows about them than there are about “real” housewives!  Let’s see what this one has to offer.  This episode takes place at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.  It was built in 1901 with help from a grant from a woman named Indiana Fletcher.  Two of the ghosts that have been encountered in and around the women’s college are Daisy Williams, Indiana’s daughter, who is a friendly ghost.  The other not so friendly one is Lucian Fletcher, Indiana’s brother, who was pissed because she wouldn’t leave him any money in her will and used it to build a school instead.

The gals that experience Daisy on this show report faucets turning on and off.  One student heard footsteps as she was making a late night run to the bathroom.  She walked all the way to the end of the hall and looked at her reflection in the window.  She was not alone.  There was a figure of a young girl next to her, wearing an old-fashioned night gown.  It creeped the student out but she didn’t feel like she was in danger.  The eye witnesses never felt threatened by the supposed ghost of Daisy.

Lucian on the other hand is another story.  Girls walking after the sun goes down reported hearing whistling, which would freak the hell out of me!  One girl was frozen in place as a presence behind her was lightly singing in her ear.  AHHHHH!  Two roomies had an inflated air mattress between them that they had yet to put away.  As they woke in the middle of the night they saw a dark figure sitting on the edge of the air mattress.  One of their neighbors heard the screams coming from the room and turned the lights on, poof!  No more ghosties, but there was an indentation in the mattress.  Lucian also was seen sitting on one girl’s chest.  The girl could barely breath and her roommate finally woke to shake the poor gal and the evil presence went away. 

As with lots of haunting shows, there are always the reenactments to discuss.  These weren’t too shabby.  The actresses weren’t too corny and the ghosts were actually creepy to me.  The story flowed naturally and some history of the school was interesting, not overbearing.  SCHOOL SPIRITS had a campfire feel to it, which I enjoyed.  I will definitely check this one out in the weeks to come.  You can catch it on Syfy Wednesday nights at 10/9 central and of course On Demand.




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  1 comment for “TV Review: Syfy’s SCHOOL SPIRITS

  1. carly
    September 26, 2012 at 5:13 AM

    Discovered and loved the story on SYFY! Yeah, Keep me in tuned lol! I always and always and always will be ready for more thrills like this!

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