TV Recap: TRUE BLOOD – Hopeless

Well Trubies we’re already half way through the season, damn it!  But we must carry on so let’s open the veins on this one!


This one started off with a bang!  We left our heroes with Russell at the abandoned asylum and right off the bat, pun intended, Alcide is being drug backward…by werewolves that are leaping out of the body coolers in the room next to Russell’s.  They are members of Alcide’s old pack, and he is ever so pissed.  While Eric, Bill and Alcide deal with the wolves, Russell flies out of bed and grabs Sookie.  Just as he is about to feed on her scrumptious fairy blood, she shoots light balls from her hands and blasts Russell into the wall.

Then the Vampire Authority cavalry arrives!  They accost Russell and tell Bill and Eric to glamour Sookie and Alcide.  I guess they don’t know much about Sookie, you can’t glamour her, but she plays along with Bill.  He gives a pretty emotional speech about how he wants her to forget all about him and live a normal life and be happy.  Eric grabs Alcide’s neck and tells him to forget everything that happened and he also throws in that Sookie makes him sick to his stomach and he should never touch her, romantically but to protect her with his life.  Nice one Eric, you big softie!

The V.A. takes the humans that have been saved for Russell’s meals, along with poor Doug, and load them into a bus.  One woman asks if they will be getting any financial restitution for their ordeal and the V.A. big wig tells them they will…then he proceeds to slaughter everyone.  Whose side is this guy on?!  I don’t think Roman would approve.

Alcide wakes up with his feet hanging off of Sookie’s bed.  Seeing him wake up in her pink frilly bedroom was hilarious!  He slowly makes his way downstairs and asks Sook if they, um, you know…not yet!  Damn it!  Just a little foolin’ around again.  When Sook touches his hand, he recoils…Eric did quite the job on him.  Sookie tries again, and Alcide’s memory comes back about everything that happened, including the members of his old wolf pack who helped Russell and were repaid with Russell’s blood.  He goes to the pack and challenges the pack leader, he’s going to take back control of them.

Meanwhile, the recently shot Sam and Luna are doing alright in the hospital.  We find out that little Emma ran to grandma’s house.  Grandma takes her to the hospital, and Luna and Sam are very relieved.  Luna doesn’t trust grams but she asks her if she can protect Emma until they can find out who the shooters are.  Sam speaks with Sheriff Andy in the hall and tells him that if Andy doesn’t let him help in the investigation, he’ll do it on his own.

The dynamic duo head to the vampire hunting store, for all your vampire killing needs, to interrogate the clerk.  Andy is pretty clueless as usual, then Sam walks in and watches the clerk like a hawk.  They find out that the store has recently sold 1,500 wooden bullets.  As the clerk reaches for something, a gun to be specific, Sam yells at Andy to duck, and Sam gets Katniss on his ass and shoots an arrow right into his heart.  Bulls eye!  While this is going on Hoyt is in the alley next to Fangtasia being fed on by some random vamp when a van pulls up.  The vigilantes shoot the vamp, boom goes he, and the Obama masked gang recognize Hoyt, pull him into the van and speed away.

Sookie and Jason find their way back to the fairy nightclub where their cousin Hadley works.  They confront Hadley about how their parents really died, and the fairy guy behind the bar is no match for Sook when she starts to read his mind.  She gets a picture of her parents driving over a bridge and a vamp in a long coat is standing in the middle of the road.  Why did he stop their car?  Because he can smell Sookie’s blood from a discarded bandage left in the empty back seat.  The plot thickens…

Last but most certainly not least, we return to the V.A.  Roman is ecstatic with Bill and Eric and their iStakes are promptly removed.  Roman tells the rest of the council that he plans to execute Russell tonight.  One of the women balks at this but says she will go silver him so he won’t be too hard to handle…my thought?  Yeah right.  Russell is escorted into the room and Roman prepares to use the iStake app on him, it does not go as planned.  Russell easily overpowers Roman and stakes him!

My burning question is, why didn’t Roman explode as all of the other vamps on this show have?  We’ll have to wait until Sunday I suppose.  We’ll also catch up with Lafayette and Terry drama.  Thanks for reading fellow Trubies!  Stay tuned.

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