TV Farewell: 1,000 WAYS TO DIE

This Spike TV show has provided me with years of laughs and excellent gross-out moments.  Sadly, it all ends tonight.  In its honor Spike TV is having a marathon all day and night.  Rest in pieces…

The reign of laughs and terror is coming to an end.  I’m ever so pissed!  Everything about this show is great.  From the sexy voice of the narrator to the pun filled names they come up with for each and every death.   After all these seasons just think of how many dumb asses have disposed of themselves.  It is Darwinism at its very best.  That thought makes me sleep better at night.


I'll miss the graphics that spare us the most gory bit of the deaths.


I will miss the puns they use for the deaths the most.

You can catch the 1,000 WAYS TO DIE marathon all day and night on Spike TV with the four final new episodes starting at 9/8 central.  They said they’ve saved the best for last, I say (sob) it’s all been the best!  So tune in and take a trip down dead memory lane with me.


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