Jody’s Syfy TV Marathon pick of the week – URBAN LEGENDS!

Hey kids Jody here with your TV marathon pick of the week.  Taking the day off this Tuesday?  Have some free space on your DV-R?  Then you should check out one of my favorite shows.

I have been a fan of urban legends since I was in junior high.  Hearing those stories about the escaped mental patient or the college co-ed who comes home late and leaves the lights out when she hears some sexy noises going on in her roomie’s room and wakes up, turns on the light and sees “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?” written in her friends blood.

This show covers those and many, many more that I haven’t even heard of from all over the world.  The premise of the show is they have three main legends and by the end you have to figure out which one actually happened, and which ones are completely false.  This show doesn’t have new episodes anymore, but every once in a while they will do a marathon.  Thanks Syfy!  So if you have never checked this out, or you’re a fan like me, give it a go!  The URBAN LEGENDS marathon starts on Tuesday, July 17th at 8:00AM Eastern.



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