Truly Disturbing Headline: Man Films Chilling Video Diary Before Slayings

Now this is something right out of a horror movie.  Read on for the chilling details.

A US man shot a chilling video diary that details his plans in the days before he allegedly shot dead his wife and 18-year-old daughter and fled to a bunker in the wilderness.

Police say Peter Keller, 41, killed wife Lynnettee and daughter Kaylene and then set fire to their Seattle home in April.

Keller then retreated to the elaborate bunker he built on the thickly forested slope of Rattlesnake Ridge in the Cascade foothills, Washington state.

A SWAT team tracked Keller to his multi-room hideout six days after the killings.

After a standoff, they blew a hole in the roof using explosives and found Keller had killed himself.

In the video diary that authorities released on July 13 Keller is seen wandering disheveled through the woods, saying he is prepared to die in order to live a life of crime.

“I’m getting to the point where just trying to live and pay bills as a civilian and go to work just kind of freaks me out,” Keller said.

“It’s more comfortable thinking about living out here robbing banks and pharmacies, taking what I want for as long as I can.

“I won’t have to worry about Lynette or Kaylene.

“If I get caught I’m just going to shoot myself… I do have my escape and that’s death”

Keller also films the inside of his bunker, saying he has enough supplies to sustain him for “months”.

King County Sheriff Steve Strachan said authorities released the video now because forensic tests had recently proved one of Keller’s guns was used in the murders.

Sheriff Strachan said authorities also found tens of thousands of dollars stashed in the bunker, but declined to specify the exact amount.

He said evidence showed Keller had been planning to build the bunker as far back as 2004.

Lynnettee’s family said they will use the money found in bunker to set up a scholarship fund in her memory.

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