Truly Disturbing Headline: Broadcasting Live From The Human Stomach

OK, now we’ve seen everything…literally.  Read on for the details.

A BBC television presenter swallowed a mini camera to transmit live images of his body digesting food.

Michael Moseley spent an entire day at the Science Museum in London participating in the experiment, BBC News reports.

In preparation, Mr Moseley drank four litres of laxative to help clear the way for the tiny camera, which was placed inside a small tablet.

Once inside his body, Mr Moseley had no control over the camera – all he could do was watch his insides on a screen displayed to onlookers in the museum.

“You can see some white blobs of porridge I ate for breakfast,” Mr Moseley said.

“But what’s really striking is that there is so much pulsing and throbbing movement going on.”

Check out the video below.  But do it before you eat.


Source: BBC News

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