TV you should be watching…ODDITIES San Francisco

Haven’t checked this out on the Science Channel?  Well this isn’t just for nerdlingers…this show and the original, ODDITIES New York, feature strange shop owners, and their even stranger clients.  If you want to outfit your haunted mansion in high style, you better check this show out…where else could you find a disarticulated human skull or a two-headed squirrel?

You may be thinking, “Who cares?  It’s just a curio shop…what does that have to do with horror?”  Well kids, I’m here to tell you that what they sell at Loved To Death in San Francisco can be quite horrifying.  Want a human skull for your coffee table?  No problemo.  How about a framed bat to hang in your belfry?

This show has those items, and much much more!  Our cast of characters include Audra, the shop owner, Wednesday Mourning, goth model and picker for the store, and Torri, a man with loads of tattoos including the one I can’t quite make out that’s on his forehead.

If you think the store keeps are out there, wait until you meet the clients!  Some of them are so picky they can’t find anything in this large emporium.  The store is happy to oblige them, mainly by seeking out private collectors and trying to finagle a deal so the store can also make a profit.  .

On a personal note, I have saved my wisdom teeth, and I would trust them to fashion them into a necklace for me.  They have several of them, and rings, on their site…

What I love about this show is the strong sense of community…the weirdo community.  Clients looking for items will often barter with their sideshow acts, including sword swallowing, fire breathing, etc for a discount.  Every episode is like a new treasure, so I implore you to check this out.  New episodes of ODDITIES:  San Francisco air on Saturday night, and you can usually catch ODDITIES:  New York before the new show airs on the Science channel.


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  1. Jody
    July 10, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    Thanks jizabelle for the review! I love reading your reviews they are full of great info. I will be dvr ing this show, sounds interesting!

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