This is the Travel Channel’s twist on most haunting TV shows.  Put together a hard-boiled detective with a rubber-faced psychic and you get THE DEAD FILES!  Here’s my two cents…

This episode the dynamic duo visits Washington state to help 18 year old Logan.  Before we delve into that, first I’ll go over the premise of the show.  Amy Allen is a physical medium, and boy does she get physical…with her face.  She makes so many scary faces she looks as if she could use an exorcism!  Then we have the former NYPD Detective Steve DiSchiavi.  He’s a no-nonsense type that gets to the bottom of the supposed hauntings by interviewing the family, local historians and the like.  Amy visits the house separately with a camera man after all the photographs have been turned over so she isn’t influenced by them.  Why?  Because at the end of the show Amy and Steve finally meet up to discuss their findings, and a forensic artist draws a picture drawn from (pun intended) Amy’s experiences in the haunted site.

Starvation Heights is the title of the episode.  Logan is a teen who thinks his house is being haunted, and that he may be to blame.  There is an old dilapidated house next to the new home that Logan’s parents built, and Logan and his pals have had a couple séances there.  Bad idea Logan.  When Steve interrogates him, Logan finally admits to pulling the old Ouija board out an astounding 17 times!  He hears whispering at night in his bedroom, like there is a large group of people there with him.  Hasn’t this kid seen enough horror movies to know that you don’t mess with a Ouija board?!

Meanwhile Amy is doing her best Jim Carey impersonations in the old house.  She picks up that someone living has been basically trapping the dead here by demanding that spirits talk to them.  She feels that the ghosts are still in the ‘Death State’…which apparently means that they are still feeling the pain they felt at their time of death and are unable to move on.  All because some dumb kids wanted to play with some spooks.  Amy also experiences pains in her chest and feels like she is drowning without water.  I wouldn’t want her job.

Steve visit’s a historian and a forensic pathologist and gets the meat of the story.  It turns out that the old house used to be a treatment center of sorts.  Gullible people are scammed into trying Dr. Linda Hazzard’s (great villain name!) untried and untrue theory that a starvation diet will cure all that ales them.  Little do they know that most of them will check in and never check out.  One woman who managed to send a message to her old nurse in England was rescued.  Dorothea Williamson weight at the time of her escape?  38 pounds (Picture right).  They estimate that a total of 20-40 people may have died there.

Dr. Hazzard, at left,  was brought to justice and convicted of second degree murder.  Then a stupid judge overturned the ruling and she was released.  A short time later the good doctor opened a ‘health school’ somewhere in the woods.  If you like ironic deaths as much as I do, you’ll love the fact that Dr. Hazzard died from her own starvation treatment.

Amy and the forensic artist bring out their sketch, which does look similar to the doctor.  Yet there was no real shocktacular moments in this for me.  I was expecting Amy to do some spiritual cleansing, smudge some sage, say some prayers, but here was her recommendation, tear the old house down.  Hmm…that kind of bothered me.  From watching so many haunting shows over the years I have been lead to believe that the spirits could possibly still stay on the land, and if some of the materials from the old house were used in new construction, well those ghosties could just transfer there.

The one good thing that I got from this show?  I am a serial killer buff and am always looking for new sickos to research.  I got one with Dr. Linda Hazzard.  Other than that, this show is actually quite boring, save for the freaky faces Amy makes while doing her investigation.  If you want to check it out, tune in to the Travel Channel on Friday night and make up your own mind.

Stay tuned in kiddies!  More reviews to come!



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  4 comments for “TV Review: THE DEAD FILES

  1. Jody
    July 10, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    Love the review!! I will just read your reviews cause they sound more interesting then the show. Great job on the review!!!

  2. Laura
    July 25, 2015 at 10:05 PM

    If Amy can “talk to the dead “. Why does she ask fir a medium to step in?

  3. Marisa
    December 14, 2016 at 10:05 PM

    Dead files is an awesome show! Good review.

  4. Delete
    July 11, 2017 at 6:54 AM

    Most MORONIC show on TV today. Anyone who can not see thru this bullshit is BLIND!

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