New Bi-Weekly article: Comic Book Villain News Announcement

A new Bi-weekly article that focuses on comic to film adaptations. Get ready for COMIC BOOK VILLAIN!

When you hear the news about your favorite comic book being made into a movie, you’re either going to be excited or hesitant about the choice of director, even the casting choice of your beloved superhero. Truly Disturbing Horror’s Jorge Solis will be starting his own column named Comic Book Villain, which will examine what makes or breaks a comic book movie.
Just these past few months, audiences have flocked to the theaters watching THE AVENGERS, making the Joss Whedon film a summer blockbuster hit. What really made this comic book adaptation into a success story? Viewers could tell writer/director Joss Whedon likes horror movies, as seen in CABIN IN THE WOODS, but he loves, and I mean really loves comic books more, as seen in THE AVENGERS. Though the film isn’t based on a particularly volume, Whedon is incredibly faithful to each character’s personality and the team dynamics.
Comic Book Villain will explore the differences between what makes a good and bad comic-to-film adaptation. Why is it that Spider-man and Batman can be remade a billion times, but The Crow can only make one memorable movie out of its entire franchise?
In July, there will be two comic book movies coming out in theaters, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (July 3) and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (July 20). Look for Jorge Solis’s bi-weekly column, Comic Book Villain, at and see whether or not these movies can match the success of THE AVENGERS.

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