Truly Disturbing Headline: Sixth person dies from strange flesh eating virus in the U.S.


A long-serving and well-loved pastor has been killed by a flesh-eating bacteria infection that has already left five others seriously ill.

Linda Snyder, from Sacramento, who is a preacher at city’s United Methodist Church, died this morning following a six-month battle with the deadly germ called necrotizing-fasciitis.

She was the sixth person to have developed a flesh-eating infection over the course of the last two months.

At the beginning of June South Carolina grandmother Louise Thompson underwent emergency surgery to remove infected flesh from her leg and was in a coma for five days.

And last month student Aimee Copeland from Georgia College had to have her leg, her foot and both hands amputated and is still in intensive care after bacteria got into a cut she developed following a fall.

Mrs Snyder contracted the deadly disease on January 6 after bacteria got into a wound, possibly an abscess, she had developed in December.

Doctors tried to contain the spread of the bacteria, but her daughter Karen toldFox 40 that her mother had developed lots of complications and medical staff were unable to contain it.

The horrible infection scarred her lungs and  caused her to develop pneumonia.
Mrs Snyder, who has given the sermons at the United Methodist Church for the last decade, was a popular figure and her daughter described her as her ‘best friend.’

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