Monster Mash With KUZIMU

Now, we’re not actually suggesting that you try for a Dr. Frankenstein concept where you bring a monster to life, however we are asking you to get those crazy critter ideas onto paper for a pretty sweet contest.  Read on for the details…

When something like this crosses our desks here at TD, we leap for joy.  A contest to have your ‘monster creations’ featured in a graphic novel is too good to pass up. 

Brett Uren, creator of Kuzimu (which is an East African name for Forgotten World of Spirits) is offering artists, writers and the everyday Joe a chance to create a creature with a backstory that will feature in Kuzimu issue #8.  Check out the clip from Brett himself as he explains the rules and what he’s looking for.

The synopsis of the graphic novel is as follows:

Ku-zimu is the East African name for the forgotten world of spirits.
An underground realm where the dead reside, overshadowed by oppression and war.
Pt’eros is a lonely reptilian traveler in the timeless, boundless place that is Ku-zimu, where the beliefs and memories of all cultures are given form.
Haunted by visions of the young Maasai boy that he was, events from his life play out before him.
Powerful beings and warlords manipulate events to use or capture him, seeking Pt’eros’ gift to see and walk between life and death.
To escape the world of the dead, Pt’eros must face the ghosts of his life.

Check out the trailer for Kuzimu and swing by the home of Kuzimu to read the full graphic novel for free (until June 27th)

Once you’ve done that, grab a pen and piece of paper and let your imagination go wild. 

Now, if only I could draw a stick figure…

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