NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT on Blu-Ray Closer To A Reality!

Occupy Midian’s efforts pay off!





Truly Disturbing Horror reported previously on the efforts by a movement of fans known as Occupy Midian to have a longer cut of NIGHTBREED dubbed NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT released for public distribution. This longer cut is more true to writer/director Clive Barker’s original vision for the troubled, truncated film.

Here is the link for the original story:

After a couple of months and a few more screenings of the new cut, including one with Barker himself in attendance, it seems that the Powers That Be at Morgan Creek have heard the pleas from the legions of fans. Here is the news from the man himself via his Twitter account:

“Morgan Creek has given us permission to show the cut around the world and to raise money to prepare the cut for a release on Blu Ray…”

He also added:

“This could not,would not have happened without your voices.We have all been heard.The Morgan Creek  team  have my thanks and my respect…”

This is incredible news for horror fans, Barker fans, NIGHTBREED fans, and just artists in general. This proves that anything is possible with a patient artist, an enthusiastic fanbase, and a willing and understanding company that can see the obvious worth in this action.

Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long for the Blu-Ray. When more details are made available, we here at Truly Disturbing Horror will make them available to you, dear readers.

A hearty congratulations to Clive Barker and the folks of Occupy Midian!

You can follow them at their respective Twitter accounts.

Occupy Midian:!/OccupyMidian

Clive Barker:!/RealCliveBarker


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