Amazon Teams Up With Clive Barker For Zombies Vs. Gladiators

Whenever Clive Barker’s name is mentioned here at TD, you can hear a collective sigh.  We love him.  So naturally, when we heard this news we’re a little excited that he’s coming back.  But teaming up with  Only time will tell.  Read on for the details…

Sometime during the past two years, seemingly overnight, made the unexpected, unheralded decision to start making movies. They established a new shingle, Amazon Studios, which currently has 16 projects in development, all of which are (ostensibly) vetted by fans through online feedback. Certainly a novel way of approaching film development. (As for whether true cinephiles have better taste or instincts than avaricious marketing executives—who currently make virtually all creative decisions everywhere else in Hollywood—only time will tell.)

The first of Amazon’s new film projects, tentatively titled “Zombies vs. Gladiators,” is moving slowly towards fruition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, legendary horror novelist Clive Barker has been brought aboard to give the script a polish.

Zombies Vs. Gladiators.  Wonder what kind of ‘polish’ Clive Barker can bring to this script?  If it’s anything like some of his past works, we can assume there will be blood and lots of it.

The basic storyline for Zombies Vs. Gladiators is about a gladiator fighting to save Ancient Rome from a oncoming zombie onslaught.

More to come as we learn more.


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