WORLD WAR Z being plagued with seven weeks of re-shoots

This movie can not come sooner. Now it seems that it may take a little longer than expected. Read the info below.


Star Brad Pitt has joined some of his fellow actors in Budapest for seven weeks of additional shooting.

Per the UK’s Daily Mail, the picture started filming nearly a year ago and then wrapped last summer — but clearly director Marc Forster and his producers aren’t happy because seven weeks is a long time to re-shoot a film. Details are sketchy at this point as to exactly how much of the flick is being modified, and it’s not certain whether or not all of the film’s other stars such as Matthew Fox and James Badge Dale are with Pitt for the new shooting schedule, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for additional info.

The novel is set 10 years after a global zombie epidemic and is an oral history told from many perspectives around the world. Brad Pitt is playing a U.N. worker gathering stories of the great zombie war, and his Plan B shingle is producing. Mireille Enos (“Big Love”, “The Killing”) plays his wife, a mother of two girls.

Assuming all goes well, look for Forster’s adaptation of the Max Brooks zombie infestation novel World War Z in theatres next summer.

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