Guillermo del Toro gives some updates to his current projects

Variety caught up with the Hellboy director and he gave a few updates on the films he is currently developing. Check out the films below and why some are moving ahead steadily and others are dead in the water. 


In a chat with Variety, Del Toro provided them an update on a few flicks he was attached to, including a redo of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.

“I think it’s the best screenplay I’ve ever written in any form,” he told the site of the proposed stop-motion animated film.  “I adore that project, and it met with the approval of Dahl’s widow, who loved it and felt it was completely respectful of the book, but it’s not moving at all.”

Del Toro will likely direct Trollhunters – an animated film for Dreamworks – based on a novel he co-penned with Daniel Kraus.  But then again, who knows what lurks in Del Toro’s future?  As he told Variety, he has “given up” guessing what he’ll do next, but there are a few projects requiring his attention including Pinocchio and a Romeo and Juliet-style film set against the backdrop of Mexico’s Day of the Dead.  For more, follow this link.

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