SEGA unveils what to expect in the ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES special edition

This game haunts my very being. I wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats to the thought of playing this game. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a game that I think we all want to play…NOW! So Sega has decided to tease us more with details behind the games special edition. Check out the info below.


Sega has announced a special edition  due out on February 23rd next year.

The publisher is offering multiplayer bonuses including playable movie characters and, yes, Ripley’s flame-thrower to those willing to smack down their cash and pre-order before the game comes out. Come on, who doesn’t want that awesome gun huh?

Be ready for a hefty price though, $99.99 for the Collector’s Edition there are all sorts of goodies on offer, including a Powerloader figurine, a USCM dossier, a Xend Hive, recruitment card and USCM graduation certificate, as well as more exclusive in-game content. Check it out:

Pretty bad ass huh? No word on the UK pricing as of yet.




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