THINNER finally seeing the light of day on Blu-Ray August 21st

This film was not well received by many but we liked it. Now we can finally see a fat man lose weight the way Jenny Craig could only dream of doing! Check out the details and press release below for Thinner.


Thinner stars Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Michael Constantine and Kari Wuhrer. Look for it in stores on August 21st!

Based on the best-seller, Stephen King’s Thinner stars Robert John Burke (Robocop 3) and Joe Mantegna (House of Games) in a story of supernatural terror and countdown to the ultimate payback. A 109-year old gypsy (Michael Constantine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), hell-bent on revenge, exacts a curse so shocking it compels its victim to gorge himself in an effort to avoid shrinking away to nothingness. With time running out and a torture so bizarre and powerful, even death seems a more likely option.

Holland's Thinner Gains Weight on Blu-ray

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