The folks behind DEADHEADS set to bring us even more zombie goodness

FroBro pictures, the people that brought us the award winning zom-com DeadHeads are gearing up to give us even more Cheese. Remember him? What happened to Cheese before DeadHeads? Read on to find out, and see how you can help.


The Short film will depict the adventures of “Cheese,” before he becomes the beloved zombie sidekick of Mike and Brent in the feature film, “DeadHeads.”

DeadHeads Short Film featuring Cheese

About the project:

This project is an opportunity to revisit one of “DeadHeads” ( beloved characters and fan favorites, Cheese. The short will chronicle Cheese’s story before he meets up with our zombie pals Mike and Brent. It will give us a chance to take a fun look into how Cheese came to become the puppy dog companion he is in “DeadHeads”.

We’re bringing back all of the key crew from the production of “DeadHeads” (see crew listing below) with a few extra years of experience under our belts. We want to demonstrate how much we learned in the making of “DeadHeads” and keep the film in the public conscience while we strive to undertake our next project. This short film will serve to accomplish both of these goals, as well as giving the fans of “DeadHeads” and Cheese something that we’re sure they’ll love.

Why you should become a part of this project:

  • You fell in love with Cheese when you saw “DeadHeads” and can’t wait to learn more
  • The chance to get some amazing perks like signed DVDs, swag, and even limited-edition prints
  • Prove that your love for zombie’s knows no bounds
  • Show your support for new filmmakers as they make the next step toward the big-time

What we need from you:

The budget of this project is ambitious, but will be well spent. As outlined in our video, all pieces of the budget have been carefully allocated in a “no-nonsense” manner. As is the hallmark of FroBro Films production’s, we pinch every penny, making sure that our vision shows up on the screen for our fans. If we don’t make our funding goal, we’ll make it come together somehow; seriously, we’ve dumpster dived to save a buck when the budget wasn’t there.

Imagine that?! One great perk is that if you donate to the film you might become “Zombie of the Day” count us in!

To donate go ahead and click on this link:



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