Director Adam Gierasch gives us his top 10 PUNK albums of all time

Fiends, we love talking to directors or people in the industry. When it comes to talking, I usually ask “What music do you like?” Director Adam Gierasch (Night of the Demons) is a man of my own heart. A punk rocker through and through. So with out further ado, here is Adam’s top 10 list of punk albums.


10. 7 SecondsWalk Together Rock Together

This is about unity and punk being fun and for everyone. It’s not very heavy and it feels a little dated, but the songs are very catchy and it’s a very important album.



9. Naked RaygunUnderstand

This album is awesome post punk, full of big anthems like “Wonder Beer,” and if you can find the version withVanilla Blue” on it, it’s one of the greatest punk songs ever.



8. Youth BrigadeSink With California

Great, interesting, catchy punk. The title track is so awesome it defies words!



7. Black Flag Everything Went Black

Here you get a great collection of early Black Flag with all their different singers, what more can I say?



6. Minor ThreatOut Of Step

Hey, they invented straight edge, were great musicians, wrote great songs, this is their masterpiece.



5. The Meatmen War Of The Superbikes

Funny, dirty, profound, and Tesco Vee is one of the best lyricists of all time.



4. Bad BrainsRock For Light

Do I really need to explain this one?!



3. The AdolescentsThe Blue Album

Classic nasty, snotty, California hard-core! “Amoeba” and “No Way” are two of the greatest punk songs ever. Don’t want to talk about it anymore.


2.The Zero BoysVicious Circle.

Some of the best songwriters in punk rock history–fuck that, rock history!



1. The Misfits Static Age.

Danzig is a great singer. This entire album has great songs. I love fucking horror punk. I can’t live without it.



Also honorable mention to Bad Religion. All their albums! They are the most consistent songwriters in punk rock history.

Blood, Guts, and Pussy-

Adam G.


Thanks Adam! I really agree with every record on here. Adam has to be my favorite punk-influenced director. Hell, even for the premier of Night of the Demons he had a punk show thrown with 45 Grave headlining!

How badass is that?!


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