BIZARRO AU GO-GO promises BLOOD,BOOBS, and BEYOND! all in a coffee table book

We love emails that start with ” We think your readers will love our new (insert name of project). Usually these emails are fun to read and post up for you fiends to read. One such email came from Los Angeles SF/X artist Cig Neutron(Crazy name huh?) He wants all of you to check out his coffee table book below. Dig it!


Check out the Bizarro Au Go-Go website and get a glimpse at some of the off-the-wall insanity created by Neutron and Rodil. You can also head over and give theBizarro Au Go-Go Facebook page a like.

Check out the trailer below for an idea of just what Bizarro Au Go-Go is all about.

From the Press Release
If 80’s horror campiness, and 50’s sci-fi got liquored up and decided to have a blood orgy at a monster mash slumber party full of hot babes, then Bizarro Au Go-Go would be the unholy love child of that night. We took all the things we love from pin-up aesthetic to cult craziness and threw them all together in one blood-soaked picture book. Bizarro Au Go-Go depicts a wide range of fetishes in the most absurd (and often comical) ways. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s scary.

Pin-up style catfights, fake movie posters, advertisements for outrageous products that you can actually order from us, hot chicks covered in gallons of blood, it’s sure to appeal to the perverse cult fanatic in all of us. Throw in a cheesy sense of humor, and there you have it. This book has more puns than the Cryptkeeper.


We hope to bring you a review of the book soon…minus of course a few ripped out pages we wish to staple to our headboard.

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