Full plot crunch and teaser trailer for THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET

This news just came our way and we couldn’t be happier. Our friend Courtney Gains will be starring in a new psychological thriller, The House Across the Street. Read on for the details.

Some houses and people should be left alone. That’s what the new film The House Across the Street tries to getb across. Filming starts on May 23rd and our good friend Courtney Gains will be featured in this film as well.

Plot Crunch:

Amy Fielder has moved to a small town in the middle of Massachusetts to start a new life. She feels compelled to wipe the slate clean, to move on from her past which is full of bad choices, mistakes, and misfortune. But sometimes as the saying goes, you have to be careful that you’re not running away from something, because more often than not, your past catches up with you.

No sooner than she moves in what she thinks is a quiet, dead-end street neighborhood that she finds out that everything isn’t quite what it seems. On her first day in her new apartment she believes she is witness to a hit and run that nearly kills her affable next-door neighbor, the elderly Mrs. Barnes who was trespassing on the property of the house across the street. To Amy’s surprise and consternation, the hit and run is deftly swept under the rug, and the police don’t even file an incident report. Is the house cursed? Does it have an evil presence?

As she is naturally a curious and prying person, she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong. The first thing that makes an impression on her is this house across the street. Nobody lives there, but it looks lived in. Nobody comes and goes during the day, but lights go on at night. She asks around, pokes, and prods, and finds out that the reason why she lives in a great neighborhood is also the reason why she will never get anywhere: everyone keeps to themselves and minds their own business. In the words of Ned, another neighbor, when asked about the house: “It’s none of my business; we don’t bother them, they don’t bother us.”

And why should she? The house might be odd, and may have strange things going on, but at least it is not bothering anyone, least of all her. Yet, she knows something is wrong, something is just not right. Against her good instincts, Amy puts her nose where it doesn’t belong, and incurs the wrath of the small town’s police officers, the neighbors, and on top of it all becomes herself, a victim of a hit-and-run. However as bad as the hit and run is- it eventually results in the partnership between her and a rookie police officer, Kyle, and together, the both of them try to get to the bottom of what is going on at the house across the street.

The closer Amy moves gets to the bottom of it all, the more she sees that the evil at the bottom of it all is as old as man himself. Before she knows it, she is entangled, far too deep to just step away without getting blood on her hands. Extracting herself is not so easy, because not only does her past come back to haunt her and antagonize her psychotic dark side, but also because of how complicit the small town is towards this dark secret, and how eager it is to keep the whole thing concealed. Even Kyle isn’t as innocent as he tries to portray himself.

She learns the hard way that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but what you know might kill you.

Now check out this teaser trailer for the film


More news as it develops.

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