Return To Wolf Creek Flyer

Ok, so this may not be exciting news unless you’re me.  Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, here with a really cool release from Sharp Agency.  Check it out!

I love being in the Australian horror loop.  I love it even more when the loops keeps me updated.

My buddy, James, over at Sharp Agency sent me the official plyer for the Return To Wolf Creek app yesterday afternoon.  After a quick revise (my name is Irons, not Welsh) I can now officially release it here at Truly Disturbing.  You may see this flyer around some of our competitor sites, but this is the official one. 

Got to say, I’m super excited for this.  Gives me a chance to explore the outback from the comfort of my couch in Queensland.  So, go back and watch Wolf Creek then explore the outback via the app.  A perfect gift for the horror lover who has everything.

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