Haunted U.S.A: San Diego California part 1

Ah the wonderful city known as San Diego. I believe it means a whales vagina or something like that. Anyway it is home to Comic Con, the San Diego Chargers and Giants and has a rich history in the paranormal. Read on to see the spooky spots in and around San Diego.


Bonita Vista High School:   The boys locker room is said to have a pesky poltergeist who turns the showers on and off. The boys restroom in the gym has had malevolent whispers coming from it when no one is inside the bathroom. Also all over the gym’s bleachers, cold spots can be felt.

Brooklyn Elementary School: Janitors have reported seeing children running through the halls at night. Aldo janitors have reported that a force has held them in their offices when they try and leave by blocking the door and not letting them open it. Even scarier is the fact that many nights children can be heard crying in the hallways.

Procter Valley: The story goes, if you park your car next to the chain link fence that a woman can be seen floating on the field behind the gate.

Downtown San Diego-Solar Turbines:  If you take Harbor Drive near the San Diego Airport you will run into the Global power company that was built in the 1880’s and has been the location of many apparitions walking in and around the building. It is said these are the ghosts of workers who have died at the plant but never officially “retired”. Elevators and doors have been seen opening on their own.(This is a secure facility and not open to the public.)

El Cajon-Rios Canyon: There have been reports of two cowboys being seen in the back of the canyon at sunset.

El Fandango Restaurant: It is said on certain nights a woman in white can be seen crying at a table in a dark corner of the restaurant.

Horton Grand Hotel: This hotel has more than 1 haunted room and the temperature has been known to fluctuate rapidly even when the air conditioning is not on.

The Hotel del Coronado: Kate Morgan reportedly killed herself. Her body was found on the steps leading out of the hotel and towards the beach. She can be seen in her room(3312) or around the hotel grounds at night.

The McDonalds on Miramar Rd: It has been said that packets of ketchup, mustard and other condiments have been seen thrown around the fast food joint at night before closing. Also in one of the bathroom stalls on the wood grain, there have been reports of the devil appearing. The door has been changed as of this post.

Montgomery High School: Screams and voices have been heard on the football field along with floating orbs and strange lights.

Next week we go into even more haunted spots in and around San Diego. Stay Spooky folks.



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  1. summer daniels
    March 8, 2013 at 12:44 AM

    Me an my family are experiencing some weird things in a old house were renting want to know where I can find history of the land or any info that might help my 7 year old daughter seems to be targeted the most..

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