Return To Wolf Creek App Exclusive

As previously reported, I, Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, will be featured on the Wolf Creek app, apptly known as Return To Wolf Creek.  And I have to say, the e-mail I got yesterday left me pretty excited.  Read on for the details….

When I was first approached and asked to assist in any way possible with Wolf Creek 2, I never imagined that I would speaking directly with the people responsible for the film as well dealing with Sharp Agency and the Return To Wolf Creek app.

Now, as the finishing touches are put on the app, I got a lovely e-mail from James Douglas, the managing director of Sharp Agency, stating what and where I’ll be featured in the app itself. 

My Wolf Creek review will appear, ironic enough, under the ‘Review’ section of the iBook.  These will come up once you click on the notes attached to an old locked door.  Sounds like I could have some fun exploring the outback without even leaving my living room on the East Coast.

This app also features a mention on every page of my works for Truly Disturbing as well a nice little blood splatters and pictures from the film as well as of real life outback killer, Bradley John Murdoch (whom the story was partially based on).

When I have permission from Sharp Agency, I will be posting exclusive low-res photos of my work on the app.

We may be Down Under, but in Australia, we know what really scares you.

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