Truly Disturbing Headline: Man ‘Dressed As Dead Mother’ To Claim Money

Like something right out of Psycho, this guy used his dead mother to scam money out of the government.  Greed.  There’s nothing worse.  Read on for the full story.

A US jury has been shown bizarre footage allegedly showing a New York man dressed as his dead mother as part of a six-year scam to collect $115,000 in benefits.

Thomas Prusik-Parkin, 53, is accused of using a cane and wearing a wig, makeup and his mother’s clothes to conduct an elaborate fraud disguised as 73-year-old Irene Prusik.

Prusik-Parkin allegedly pocketed tens of thousands of dollars of government handouts and rent subsidies by signing documents in his dead mother’s name until he was caught in 2009, the New York Post reports.

Prosecutors say the scam was hatched shortly after Prusik-Parkin’s mother was laid to rest in September 2003.

They claim the 53-year-old gave a funeral director a false Social Security number and date of birth so she would not be registered as deceased on government files.

The alleged scam came to an end when Prusik-Parkin sought out Brooklyn prosecutors to complain he was being ripped off by a man in a property deal involving a $2.2 million apartment.

“I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her last breath, so I am my mother,” he told police officers upon his arrest.

Prusik-Parkin is facing a string of criminal charges including grand larceny, forgery and conspiracy.

His alleged accomplice, Mhilton Rimolo, is also said to have pretended to be helping his ‘elderly aunt’ collect the handouts. Jurors in on Tuesday got a closer look at the conman as strange surveillance footage taken in the Department of Motor Vehicles in April 2009 was presented to the court.

Prosecutors allege the figure pictured in oversize glasses and a red dress is Prusik-Parkin signing a license renewal in his mother’s name in 2009.

But the defence lawyer said Prusik-Parkin is not the woman in the video and questioned how the DMV processed an application for a dead woman.

Prusik-Parkin faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted.

The trial continues.

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