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NIGHTBREED is a cult classic film from 1990 written and directed by Clive Barker, based upon his novella, Cabal. It follows a young man, Boone, as he becomes one of the Nightbreed, a group of monsters living in exile underground in their home of Midian. Whilst acclimating himself to his new existence, he must deal with his loving girlfriend, Lori, as she breaks the rules of the Nightbreed to reunite with her lover, and a serial killer who plans to frame him for the large body count he accumulates over the course of the film. Despite the pedigree of all involved, the movie was a critical and commercial failure at the time of it’s theatrical release.

Barker has stated in the past that he is unsatisfied with the released cut of the film, which includes footage that the studio demanded be shot, and excludes plot threads and lots of gore shot for the conclusion. He also was not pleased with how the film was marketed as a more traditional slasher type of horror movie. He has commented that he would love to recover all of the reels that he shot so that he may produce a director’s cut of the movie. There are VHS copies of two different workprints for the film, and a different cut comprising of footage from both was recently screened at the Mad Monster Party Convention in Charlotte, NC. Conflicting information has been received from the studio, Morgan Creek Productions, about whether the raw, unused footage is still in their archives.

Fans want a cut of the film that is true to Barker’s vision, and they’ve decided to take a cue from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Enter Occupy Midian. They’ve established social media accounts and an online petition to garner support to convince Morgan Creek that a Blu-Ray or DVD release of a Director’s Cut of NIGHTBREED would be a commercially viable solution.

So, if you are a fan of Clive Barker, a fan of NIGHTBREED or Cabal, or you just like to see directors’ visions be made real, check out Occupy Midian.

You can find their Facebook page here:!/groups/occupymidian/

Here is their Twitter account:!/OccupyMidian

And here is the petition if you want to join in the cause:



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