Disney goes into its vault for some awesome upcoming Blu-Ray releases for this Halloween

We love Halloween. What red blooded horror fan doesn’t? But when you add new movies being released for the first time on blu-ray to the mix, then we really get excited. Check out what films will be released on blu-ray soon.

First up for blu-ray release is  Tim Burton’s Ed Wood biopic starring Johnny Depp leads the pack.  No date has been set, but it’s due to hit stores this fall before the end of 2012.

Also on tap: Arachnophobia, the nature-run-amok thriller with Jeff Daniels. Then there is the fam-friendly Hocus Pocus – which has a huge cult fan base.

Those two titles are expected around Halloween. We can not wait to see Sarah Jessica Parker in high def. Ya know since she actually looked human in Hocus Pocus.


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