Haunted U.S.A : Disneys California Adventure

Next up as promised is a look at Disney’s second park here in sunny California, Disney’s California Adventure Park. Check out all the hauntings that have occurred in the park below.

Here is a quick list and description of  where and what places are haunted in California Adventure.

Hyperion Theater: There has been reports of doors opening and closing by themselves. It is true a lighting tech fell to his death inside the theater one early morning. It is also said that cast members have heard their names being called but no one else is in the area.

A Bugs Life: This whole section of the park is “HOT” with paranormal activity. Many have felt the presence of a large man walking either behind them or in front of them. He can be noticed by a dark shadow that seems to move with you as you walk. Also on cold nights, this area of the park on occasion seems a bit warmer than the others.

It’s Tough To Be A Bug Theater: Many have reported cold drafts and the animatronics turning on when there is no power to the theater. Also once, the black widow spiders that drop down during regular show operations dropped down from the ceiling when there was no power to the theater at all.

The Golden Vine Winery:  Many custodial workers have reported doors opening and closing on their own and there has even been reports of a little girl who haunts the upstairs kitchen. The story goes that she was a guest at the park and was hit by a car back when this portion of the park was the original Disneyland Parking Lot. Cast members have reported seeing her eating crackers or grapes up stairs and upon noticing her cast members have said that she disappears into thin air.

That’s really it for California Adventure.

Next week we will delve into my area of California. Stay spooky fiends.




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  1 comment for “Haunted U.S.A : Disneys California Adventure

  1. Norma
    September 12, 2013 at 5:55 PM

    I went to California Adventure last year around the 4th of July. While standing in line waiting to ride Soaring over California I experienced a bone chilling cold spot, and immediately felt sick. I got on the ride anyway, and when I got off my husband took a look at me and asked if I was alright. He said that all the color had flushed from my face and I was completely white. I felt weak and sick and went to first aid. They took my temperature and found that I had a fever of over 102. They gave me ibuprofin and I slept there for a few hours. I felt better in the evening and proceeded to try to have fun with the family. However, for the next almost 2 weeks I kept having fever spikes, some more severe than others. My doctor ran blood tests, urinalysis, and anything else they could think of. There was no infection, all of my tests were normal. The doctors were stumped. My mom’s prayer group prayed over me for healing, and when it was over one person told me that I had been delivered from the demons that tried to possess me. The fevers stopped and I was back to normal as if nothing had ever happened. To date, I am very warey of California Adventure.

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