GHOSTBUSTERS 3 could still be a possibility so says Bill Murray

By now one could either be fed up with all the rumors and none news surrounding the much talked about sequel in the Ghostbuster franchise. Bill Murray had some choice words on the subject and we have them here fro you. Check them out below.


Dan Aykroyd was quoted as saying that Bill Murray would not be involved in Ghostbusters 3 if it ever gets made. Now Murray has revealed, in his typical cryptic fashion, that his involvement in the third film may actually happen.In an interview with¬† WGN (via The Playlist) he said that it’s still a “possibility.”

While Murray quickly changes the subject and talks about Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, he doesn’t say outright that he won’t do the third installment.

So take this as you will. We hope the film gets made but at this point the question of “when” is still the dark cloud that looms over the project.



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