Comic Books: Fanboys vs. Zombies review

Escape from Nerd Prom!

With an absolutely funny premise, FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES is a very comedic and energetic horror comic! While everyone is having the time of their lives, a zombie plague is spreading within the confines of Comic Con. As the body count rises, a group of estranged friends must work out their differences, if they ever want make it out of Comic Con alive!

Every year at San Diego, Comic Con International annually holds over a hundred and fifty pop culture enthusiasts. This is Mardi Gras for geeks; their very own nerd prom. As the crowd gathers, everyone is aching to be inside. What these attendees don’t realize, this will be the last Comic Con they will ever see.

With his exclusive pass, Rob Porter should be the happiest person in the world. But Rob is terribly afraid to walk inside. He is scared of bumping into his most hated enemy and his lost love amongst the busy crowd. Not wanting to be found, Rob chooses to go to the most unpopular panel, just so that he won’t have to be near around people.

While Rob is avoiding confrontation, something has gone wrong with the food. J-Mac has been eating a convention center hot dog, something will most definitely make you barf. These hot dogs have been made from three kinds of modified meat, and even received a “C” rating from the health department. The meat has been growing and building a virus of epic proportions.

The writing by Sam Humphries is mostly aimed at satirical humor. At times, the pop culture jokes actually hit their marks. Other times, the humor takes mean jabs. In the opening pages, a bystander desperately begs, like a homeless junkie, for a three-day pass from an attendee, who cold-heartedly dismisses him.

The major problem with these characters is likability. Rob lives with his mother and works at a video store, because he has no ambitions. He just gave up on life after his girlfriend, Jenna, left him. In her introduction, Jenna doesn’t have much personality. This should matter, especially with two guys fawning over her. This is just the first issue, so hopefully there will be character development over the entire mini-series.

The artwork by Jerry Gaylord is very cartoonish, which works with the comedy. At the climax, Kyle and Rob have their long-awaited confrontation. Gaylord illustrates the characters with these very exaggerated facial exaggerations and over-the-top body poses. The use of the Comic Con location takes center stage in the background. At the climax, Gaylord displays an incredible splash page, where the entire convention is overtaken by the infected ones, the zombies.

FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES will definitely entertain readers with its laugh-out-loud humor! Within the panels and tables of Comic Con, a zombie invasion is about to take place. When you’re infected, you’re stuck inside Comic Con, with no chance of escape! Out in stores now, this issue is actually a dollar! How the hell can you say “No” to a 1 dollar comic book?

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