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A new project has come to our attention here at Truly Disturbing Horror, and we wanted to share this unique opportunity with all of you fine readers.

P.O.V. is intended to be a short film about a woman who discovers her husband is a serial killer by locating the DVD’s of his recorded crimes.The filmmakers behind the proposed project, Teddy Cecil and Brett Miller, have set up a Kickstarter page in an effort to get funding for the film.

Their pledged goal is $16,000 by Wednesday May 9th, 2012. At the time of this writing, they have reached $2,158.

So, horror fanatics, if you want to show some love and support for a couple of guys who want to deliver some terror to you, throw them a couple of bucks or more. There are prizes of all different varieties, including possibly getting your name in the credits.

Here is their Kickstarter page for more details:


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