HAUNTED U.S.A returns with a look at DISNEYLAND

It’s baaack! That’s right fiends, Haunted U.S.A is back and now I am in control! Mwahahaha. Sorry got a bit carried away there. In this weeks Haunted U.S.A. we look at the happiest place on earth(I prefer the haunting-est place on earth) Disneyland!.

Read on fellow spooks!

You ever wonder what goes on at Disneyland when all the guests leave and the park is quite? Well wonder no more as we reveal what ghoulies and ghosts actually inhabit Disneyland.

The Christmas Shop: Many employees have said that they feel a evil presence while stocking shelves early in the morning. There is also a picture of a woman from the 19th century in the shop that has been reported to look like the woman is frowning when in actuality she is straight faced. Others have reported hearing voices when no one else was present.

The Disney Gallery: (This location has limited access to guests) It is located right above the Pirates of The Caribbean attraction. Cast members have stated that a tall figure of a man has been seen walking through the gallery. Many belive this is the ghost of Walt Disney himself. Also many cold spots have been found in the gallery as well.

The Disneyland Fire Station: The 2nd floor of the building has been off limits for guests for years but it is said that at night you can hear foot steps moving around on the second floor and there have even been reports of doors slamming by themselves.

The Haunted Mansion: There are at least 3 ghosts said to haunt this attraction. One of an elderly man who died of a heart attack while in the ride in the 1970’s. Also a older woman and young child have been seen. Warning: The Attic is off limits to guests. A nasty spirit or perhaps demon is said to inhabit the attic above where the omni-mover.People have reported having their hair pulled,backs slapped,and other nasty things done to them. Others claim to see faces peering at them at the top of one of the stair cases in the attraction.

It’s A Small World: Lights have been known to go on and off by themselves and the dolls have been seen moving by themselves when the ride is completely powered down.

Matterhorn Bobsleds: The ghost of a woman named Dolly is said to haunt this ride. She was crushed after jumping out of her bobsled and hit by the next one on the track.

Pirates of The Caribbean: The story goes that a mother and son loved this ride very much and when the son got cancer and died his last wish was to have his ashes spread in the water of the ride. Disney rejected this last request for health reasons but the mother did it anyway. Cast members have seen a lone boy riding the boats at night on a few video monitors but when they check it out, the boy is gone.

Space Mountain: The ride itself and the woman’s cast locker room is said to be haunted by a man who died in the 1970’s. He is described as a large man with red hair. He has been seen on the ride many times but when the rockets return to the un-loading docks he is gone.

The Star Trader: (In the 4th floor stock room) Cast members have reported there being a weird smell coming from the floor itself and there being a cold draft throughout the floor when in fact it has only one entrance and no windows or vents.

Tom Sawyer Island: At least 3 ghosts have been seen on the island and at least 4 boys, all Grad Night students have actually drowned in the river.

There you have some of the haunted places in Disneyland. Next week I will go through the haunted areas of Disneys California Adventure Park. See ya then fiends.


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