Can You Guess The Secrets Behind CHIMES?

Who is behind it, and what are they doing?


An intriguing proposition awaits those who choose to visit the website for an upcoming horror film titled CHIMES.

Very little is known about the plot for the film. We do know that it concerns a woman named Laura who decides to escape from the drama of her daily life by spending a few days at an old manor named Villa Maria Dolores, unaware of the dark secrets that lie within it.

Even less is known about the production itself. None of the cast or crew have been named, and are purposefully be kept a secret until the film’s release. That is part of a game they wish to play with any interested horror fans.

The filmmakers will be releasing clips and set photos from now until the release date. (A clip is already available to watch.) The first ninety-nine people to correctly guess the secret of the film itself and the secret of who filmed it will be invited to it’s World Premiere.

Here is the website:

Good luck to anyone who chooses to participate!


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