Truly Disturbing Headline: Man butchers girlfriend while roommates watched and helped dispose of body


A couple who watched a man murder his girlfriend and then helped him dispose of her remains had recently moved in with them after meeting on the Internet, police said last night.


Jessica Sacco, 21, was stabbed, suffocated and dismembered at her home in Urbana, Ohio.

Some of her body parts were found abandoned in a bathtub at the property on Friday, the rest were discovered 90miles away in Kentucky.

Five people – including her live-in boyfriend, Matthew Puccio, 25 – have been arrested in connection with the killing.

Puccio stabbed Miss Sacco, placed a bag over her head and suffocated her at home on around March 22, police believe.

Watching the killing and helping dispose of some of the remains were flatmates Andrew Forney, 26, and his wife Kandis Forney, 25, both of Fenton, Michigan, along with a third couple from Urbana, it is alleged.

Miss Sacco’s body was found after a pedestrian alerted a police officer in a patrol car eight days later on March 30.

Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell said last night that Puccio and Miss Sacco had met the Forneys on the Internet, but he would not be more specific.

Chief Lingrell said the couples had known each other only a short time before the Forneys moved into the Urbana apartment about a month ago.

He said it was not clear how Puccio and Miss Sacco knew the third couple – Christopher Wright, 37, and Sharon Cook, 25, also from Urbana – but all five suspects were only recently acquainted.

He said: ‘They’re just loose friends.’

Police would not speculate on a motive for the killing.


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